“Big-Eyed” Fanny Packs



“Big-Eyed” Fanny Packs


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Make a great gift to your beloved children by giving them these Big-Eyed Fanny Packs! The big funny eyes design will catch all the kids’ eyes and make them jealous. These fanny packs have a very functional design for a variety of styles and wearing options. Thanks to the adjustable strap, they can be worn around your waist or as a front/back crossbody pouch. There are 4 colors to choose from – black, green, pink, and yellow.

Made of sturdy nylon material, these bags are wear-resistant and breathable. Manufactured for quality with durable zippers and buckles, these fanny packs ensure your kid’s stuff won’t ever be lost. One main spacious pocket allows your child to carry a mobile phone, a wallet, keys, and other items. 



  • Sturdy nylon material
  • Adjustable strap
  • Secure buckle
  • Cute design
  • One main pocket
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Ideal for kids

2 reviews for “Big-Eyed” Fanny Packs

  1. My son absolutely loves this fanny pack! He wears it every day now. I was afraid it would smell but it actually doesn’t and it’s easily washable. Great buy!


  2. I actually bought this for me, not for children lol. It is the perfect addition to my cycling experience. The eyes are super cute! It’s comfortable, spacious, and lightweight. I love it!


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