“Colorful” Fanny Packs



“Colorful” Fanny Packs


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Does your kid want to be the most stylish one around? If so, these Colorful Fanny Packs are exactly what will make them so! There are 7 radiant colors to choose from. Each color looks very bright and definitely catches the eyes of others. Plus, it won’t fade over time. It’s a cute bag for your child to take their small items with them when going outside. And the best part — it goes with any outfit!

Made of premium soft canvas material, these fanny packs are absolutely safe for kids to use. They’re lightweight and don’t put much pressure on children’s shoulders. With the adjustable strap, your child can alter the size according to how they want to wear it, whether it’s cross-body, on their waist, or shoulder. The one main pocket provides spacious carrying storage for your kid to take their phone, toys, accessories, and snacks with them.



  • Premium canvas material
  • 7 colors available
  • One main pocket
  • Spacious carrying storage
  • Adjustable strap
  • Ideal for kids

2 reviews for “Colorful” Fanny Packs

  1. The material looks really solid which is great. I tried to machine wash it and the color didn’t go any lighter! Super good quality, thank you!


  2. My kid loves backpacks, fanny packs and anything that enables him to carry around his own snacks! This is the perfect size for him at 2 years old and will still fit him for a while longer thanks to the adjustable strap!


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