“Tight” Fanny Packs

Original price was: $59.96.Current price is: $29.98.


“Tight” Fanny Packs

Original price was: $59.96.Current price is: $29.98.

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Working out is a great way to reduce stress and stay in shape but it can also cause many discomforts. These Tight Fanny Packs are a product that people have been drawn to for sports. If you are looking for something sportive, then this is the product of choice! Tight Fanny Packs come in four bright sizes, so there is one out there for everyone. They are designed with your comfort in mind so they will not cause any chaffing during your workout or sporting event. Tight Fanny Packs also give you freedom of movement while ensuring that everything stays safe and secure on your body. Tight Fanny Packs can be used for many different activities including jogging, hiking, cycling, or walking. You name it!

They are made with nylon and mesh lining so you will not be weighed down by extra fabric. The material is naturally breathable which prevents any sort of uncomfortable heat build-up inside the product. Tight Fanny Packs can hold your phone, keys, money, and more! They also have a stretchable waist strap that is very comfortable to wear on your hips. You will not have to worry about shifting or slipping because the waist strap secures your product tightly against your skin during any activity!



  • Perfect for any sports activity
  • Nylon fabric
  • 4 colors available
  • Stretchable waist
  • High capacity loading
  • Reflective
  • No bounce
  • Unisex


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