“Strobe” Holographic Fanny Packs


“Strobe” Holographic Fanny Packs


  • 3.15″ (H) x 9.45″ (W) x 4.33″ (D); 8cm x 24cm x 11cm;
  • PU leather, Polyester;
  • Black, Gold, Silver
Black ABlack BGold AGold BSilver ASilver B
- +


Are you the life of the party, or do you want to be? The cool Strobe Fanny Pack has a unique holographic design with a textured patterned surface. This pattern comes in 2 styles across 3 colours, each with a similar geometric style with triangular shapes that fit together as if pieces of a puzzle. The fanny packs are made from a combination of PU leather and polyester fabric, providing you with a bag that is both durable and stylish.

The waist strap of the Strobe Fanny Packs are adjustable – they can be altered to wear on your waist, chest or shoulder. They have one central compartment which is considerably spacious for your most important possessions. Wear one to your next festival, rave, party or even simply out casually each day as a convenient waist bag.


  • PU leather & polyester fabric
  • Black, gold or silver color
  • 2 different patterns of each colour
  • Adjustable waist strap
  • Textured design/pattern
  • Women’s/Men’s


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